4 comments on “Introduction to Selenium WebDriver C#

  1. Great post! Thank you very much for this, many of the “initial setup” tutorials or examples on the internet are way out of date. Can’t wait for the follow up posts! 🙂

  2. Simon,

    I’m glad it helped. I will hopefully have something in the next two weeks in regards to Part 2 Intermediate Usage of Selenium Webdriver. The Lab Center edition (Part 3) will be more for Lab Managers of Microsoft Test Manager, so this may or may not apply to you.

    Take Care

    • Great Post .I was struggling to understand Selenium and your steps helped to me to get started .Thanks so much for posting ..Are you done with Part2 and Part3 ?? If so let me know where i can find it …Thanks GIta

  3. Gita, I will definitely be putting some stuff together here soon. It’s been discussed to create a “sample” test site with advanced navigation using Xpath / CssSelector. Also I will discuss usage of SQL and how to preload data with test initializers. Stay tuned near May and you shall hear something from me. Glad it helped and thanks for the comment.

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